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How to use Amazon Hub Locker?

  • The first thing you need to know before the procedure to choose your Amazon hub Locker is that there are some limitations and conditions within the service.
  • Although there are more and more lockers all over the world, there may not be one near you. They are usually located in 24 hour petrol stations or shops.The dimensions of the shipment must be taken into account as the lockers have a space of 42 x 35 x 32 cm and a maximum weight of 4.5 kg.
  • Orders that are handled by third parties outside Amazon do not have access to Amazon Locker.
  • As for the price, we have two options. If you are a Prime user, for orders over €29.99 your Amazon Locker will be free and will cost €1.99 for orders of a lower amount. If you are not a Prime user, your Amazon Locker will also be free for orders over €29.99 and in cases where the amount is lower, an amount that will be determined according to other variables.

Steps to follow to receive your order wherever you want:

Select your Locker on the front page

Once you are logged in to your Amazon account, all you have to do is click on the “Find a locker near you” link. Here you will access the search menu to find the one that best suits you. You can do this by entering your postal address, your postcode or a point of interest such as a train station, among others.

Choose your Hub Locker during the checkout process

If you are about to finalise your order and have not yet decided whether you want to pick up at an Amazon Locker, we have to tell you that there is still time. In the address list that you have in your account, a new option called “Change” will appear next to the shipping address. Through this option, and with the same guidelines as in the previous case, you will be able to access the Amazon Locker you want.

When you click on “Change” you will see that a window appears with a field to enter the postcode allowing you to select a location closer to you from the list.

How do I pick up an order at Amazon Locker?

To tell you the truth, this process is pretty straightforward. Mostly because once the delivery person has dropped off your order at your assigned Amazon Locker, you will instantly receive a 6-digit numerical code on your mobile phone along with a barcode.

This identification will only be valid for a period of 3 days. Therefore, during this period of time you will only have to show it to the locker reader to open the locker and allow you to take your order.

Hub Locker is here to make your life easier

In essence, Amazon Locker is a private service of the company, available to any user even if they are not Prime, in which they provide you with a locker where they will leave your order.

These lockers can be located in the most remote places. Not only can they be at your nearest post office, but they can be at petrol stations, shops and even supermarkets.

But that’s not the best thing. Once you get to your locker, which you have 3 days from the day you receive your order, you don’t have to access it with a key. A simple key or, using your mobile phone, will be more than enough to pick up what you bought.


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